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Get OEE reporting that goes far beyond the ordinary with the OEE Toolkit

The OEE Toolkit is for those who need OEE reporting at a higher level and don’t want to be slowed down by incomplete reports. You get individual and specific reports that measure:




Stop causes

Waste types

Our solution, the Fullfact OEE Toolkit, comes with an advanced system, but benefits from a simple and user-friendly Factory Dashboard. In real time, it can measure e.g. KPIs that allow you to delve further into data than ordinary OEE and send daily reports at management level.

This OEE Toolkit will be used by giants such as Cloetta and Estee Lauder.

Make the Future Present

Automatic registration makes it easy to keep track of things like

How much has the machine been driven?

How much of the machine capacity is utilized?

Where which errors occur and how often?

Is it time to change the machine or do you just need to change parts on it?

Make the Future Present

Our OEE Toolkit can

Give you the first results after just 24 hours

Make everyday life easier with its simple, user-friendly surface from floor to management.

Expands easily and quickly to include more production lines.

You benefit from large amounts of reliable data in real-time. OEE Toolkit can be adapted to any situation and to any equipment.

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Your subscription solution includes:

How much does the OEE Toolkit cost?

The price depends on the company’s needs
The price starts from: DKK 3,750 per month incl. service agreement, where we follow up on your data once a month

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