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Special Machines

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Construction of special machines

At Automate Partner, we can build special machines from scratch, add to and rebuild the machines you already have, regardless of the machine builder – and of course we can service them. We build machines that have a future-proof modular structure and are therefore easier, faster and cheaper to adapt to your needs. Even if it were to change in the future! Because it has never been more important to be able to adapt quickly as a company and not least to adapt its production. A good example is, for example, COVID-19, which suddenly created a great need for the production of hand sanitizer, while the need for many of the things that were otherwise produced fell. Some companies’ productions could be adjusted within a few weeks, while other productions had to come to a standstill.

Although a pandemic is a rare event, it underlines, if anything, why it is problematic to be tied down by outdated machines that are heavy and difficult to service and that are more expensive to operate. So there can be a lot of ups and downs with the construction of special machines. Well, mechanical machines can have their right if there is no need for product development and speed can be gained, but mechanical machines are difficult to change and the machine is locked to the product. In the meantime, technology is gaining momentum, and it may not always be a question of whether the old machine can last a little longer – it is also a question of whether you are missing out on benefits such as greater operational reliability and shorter service downtime.

Make the Future Present

You get the following advantages at Automate Partner when you let us handle the construction of your special machine

It is built for the product.

It is flexible and can be changed quickly as needed.

You save costs for service that normally takes a whole week.

It is easier and faster to service, so that the company's production is not hampered or shut down for days.

Make the Future Present

We can help you with that
with within special machines


Service agreements

New machines

Conversion of existing machines – also from other machine builders

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Get ready for the future with modular solutions within special machines

Our special machines make your everyday life easier and not least cheaper in the long run, because the flexibility is so great.

So our machines are a future-proof modular solution that does away with the old technology and saves your company money and time.

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