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Small manufacturing becomes


when you Pick, Pack, and Palletise
with collaborative robots

Cut Labour Spend

Overcome talent shortfalls to scale your business faster

Boost Productivity

Cobots are always on, there’s no downtime needed

Improve Resilience

Avoid repetitive strain injuries, health & safety claims

Discover the possibilities

Collaborative robots offer productivity advantages small manufacturers need to grow faster. They overcome labor shortfall roadblocks, and by working side by side with human workers, cobots relieve them of tasks that might cause strain or injury resulting from repetitive motion or heavy lifting.

Automate Partner began life as an industrial robotics consulting firm, helping factory owners overcome automation challenges with our coding know-how and appreciation of the art of the possible. 

We equip small manufacturers with pick, pack, and palletising collaborative robots that represent the sweet-spot ROI automation for smart manufacturers.

You should know

“Picking is a repetitive and labor-intensive task perfect for automation. Warehouse picking robots will evolve over the next few years to address the needs for better cost, flexibility, adaptability, scalability, utility, and intelligence.”

0 %
Say labour shortages are the biggest driver for robotics​
0 %
Will adopt some form of intralogistics smart robots by 2026
0 %
Say they have invested (or plan to) in cyber-physical automation

Findings of April 2022 Research Report on Intralogistics Market by Gartner​

What Our Customers Say

Adam Black

Adam runs a fast-growing logistics company in Stockholm. He wanted a way to rapidly scale his pick and pack capabilities for small parcels.

Mel Beany

Mel started her organic cosmetics business in a garage. When demand took off, she had to find a way to automate her pick, pack and palletise process.

Grace M

Grace took her pharma business to a new level when she started using co-bots in her production design.

Why Automate Partner?

We specialise in assembling, implementing, and maintenance of bespoke collaborative robots

  • Affordable re-packaged ‘kits’ to
    accelerate adoption results
  • Production design with integrated cobots
  • Full comprehensive training
  • Installation and support services

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