Our purpose is automating small manufacturers

Automation is essential to productivity, product quality and growth

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Bringing agility to small manufacturing

We harness technological opportunities introduced by collaborative bots (cobots) to deliver competitive advantage for European small manufacturers who rely on our cobots for picking, packing and palletising.

What we can do for you

We have over 25 years of experience in working with efficient production machines, solutions, and the people who depend on them running stably. 

We know how important it is that we’re there for you before, during and after so that you can always count on your production plant to be in safe hands.

Future-proof solutions

We assess your business needs, so that together we can find solutions for problems you might have now and in the future.

This way, you can avoid expensive patching solutions; a common occurrence in the industry, due to the limitations of the machines.

We're with you all the way

We provide the whole package.

Complex systems being comprised of different suppliers results in accountability issues and time wasting. Businesses rely on us to provide comprehensive solutions.

Advice for when you've hit a roadblock or when the deadline is approaching

As a Tech translator, we build a bridge between project managers and the programmers – including for projects that were not purchased from us.

Misunderstandings can be costly. We speak both languages, saving you time, money and frustration especially when we’re involved from the start. 

We have the market's best data collection and reporting tools

Our reporting tools take data collection and reporting to the next level.

This means that you can be proactive instead of reactionary, helping avoid expensive downtime and major repairs. This also ensures your production runs with the least possible waste.

Our Priorities

Programmable cobots that work alongside people


Automation lets you find smarter ways to get work done

  • Tasks such as lifting and moving objects do not require intensive thought. Using human workers for it is wasteful.
  • Repetitive tasks are handled by pick and place robots equipped with sophisticated sensors and vision systems to lift objects from a moving conveyor belt.

Business Agility

We promote agility with ever-changing solutions for your current and future needs.

  • Cobots are easily integrated into the packaging line and are capable of handling products of any size and shape.
  • Cobots offer flexibility and convenience when they’re required to work with new products or in a  different place inside the factory.
  • Fulfilment for all types of packing work (cartoning, boxing, closing) with the ability to safely work together with human workers in the same space.

Customer Experience

Improving your ability to personalise customer choices and meet your promises

  • We are seeing a revolution in personalisation of products. This creates shorter runs and leads to increasingly complex production demands.
  • Our cobots can easily adapt to new batch runs and be tailored to assist your team in different ways according to ever-changing production needs.

Meet The Founder

Our Story

Lenni René Ravn visited his mother at the plastics factory Svend Andersen Plast industri in Hårlev, where he was impressed by the machines that produced urine bags for the medical industry. Spurring his decision to apply for an internship there in 7th and 8th grade.

In 1994, Lenni started an apprenticeship as an automation mechanic at the factory, which was now called Pharma Plast – and which later changed its name to Maersk Medical. In 1998, he switched roles to test his skills at a local machine builder who had delivered a high-tech special machine to Maersk.

Robot coworker graphic

In 2002, Lenni created his first company, and entered the process industry by setting up spray dryer plants abroad. It turned into a career that took him around to more than 27 countries. A journey which he described as a deeply educational experience.

In the late 2000s however, he chose to replace that career with work as a freelance programmer for some of Denmark’s most important companies, while at the same time exploring the possibilities of the business world.
The process inspired Lenni to found Automate Partner in 2015.
His vision was to offer turnkey concepts within robot solutions to start with and then expand the work areas.

Our Solutions

Our collaborative robots can embed into your business to bring productivity, agility and an improved customer experience

Robotic Solutions

Complete robot solutions, maintenance of industrial robots and cobots?

Vision Solutions

Vision solutions and vision systems as total delivery

Special Machines

Construction of special machines


IIoT and data capture with Catch.AI

OEE Solutions

Get OEE reporting that goes far beyond the ordinary with the OEE Toolkit

Tech translation

As a tech translator, we ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish

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