Guide to Pick, Pack and Palletise

Discover cobots for small manufacturing

Cobots are the solution to increased automation

manufacturing worker and cobot picking

Automation with robots is often seen as an expensive and arduous process. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Cobots (collaborative robots) are designed to perform a range of tasks such as picking, packing and palletizing, across their lifetime. Many small businesses who could greatly benefit from a cobot often do not realise their potential.


Boost productivity

Improve worker efficiency, boost pick rates and increase cycle times

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Cobots have a lower entry cost compared to traditional robots and they help lower labor costs

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Easy to install

Cobots embed easily within your existing infrastructure so you can resume operations quickly

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Fast ROI

Depending on your investment, the average ROI for a cobot is 1-2 years

Supplement your workforce with robotic automation

The global labor shortage has impacted small manufacturers particularly hard. Luckily, cobots  can help.

Cobots are a safe and cost-efficient way to embed automation in manufacturing, increase productivity and scalability. They are a economic, easy to install alternative to traditional manufacturing bots, offering fast ROI.

Automate is a technology partner who can guide you through every step of the design, planning and implementation process. We also provide full aftercare and support after cobot instalation. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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